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Most commonly used form of truth serum!
Lucy: "Tell me what happened, or I'll alcohol the answer out of your a**?"
by ChooseRedBull June 26, 2010
21 6
it's what Jamie Foxx blames "IT" on
Blame it on the 'trone got you in the zone
Blame it on the goose got you feelin loose
Blame it on the henney
Blame it on the blue tap got you feeling dizzy
Blame it on the al al al al alcohol (blame it on a a a alcohol)
by I'm a Kenneth February 01, 2010
19 4
God's gift/destruction to mankind.
Thank God for alcohol!
by bicyclethieff December 29, 2007
30 16
One of the select few legal drugs.

100x more people die every year from alcohol than from all illegal drugs combined.

Alcohol can be a huge amount of fun, though.
zomg!!1111! i nvr wud do heroins they make u addikted after 1 time and u die so stoopid

lets drnk alcohol
by sanfud n sun October 12, 2007
42 29
The core of all evil; but it helps you get bitches
Person 1: Look I'm holding 750 ml of pure evil in my hands... here have a sip

Alcohol. Here lies the birth and death of your relationship!
by lolanonnnnnnnnn October 24, 2010
22 11
a special serum that makes you horny.
I drank so much alcohol I had sex with a horse... I was desperate.
by the kid under the cupboard January 10, 2009
24 13
Alcohol is a colorless votatile liquid formed by the fermentation of sugars and also has a intoxicating effect on certain carbon-based life forms.
The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is the best alcoholic drink in existence.
by Beth, yo December 26, 2005
30 23