A legal intoxicant. Alcohol is more or less yeast's piss, yet some people drink it like water. I really don't see why it deserves to be legal. If the gov't weren't making money from it then it certainly wouldn't be. Alcohol kills more people than all of the other illegal drugs combined, and that's not even including its indirect deaths. Many people, if not everyone, seem to think alcohol is harmless simply because it's legal and many people do it. It causes a considerable amount of damage to the brain and liver. Despite this, people who consume alcohol have told me marijuana will kill my brain cells. I always get a kick out of that.
Person A: LET'S GET WASTEDDD!!!!!!!!!!
Person B: No thank you, I'd much rather enjoy a blunt to the dome.
Person A: Fuckin pothead! You're frying your brain you know!!!!!!!!!
Person B: You do know alcohol has been proven to cause both brain and liver damage right? And that there is no conclusive evidence that marijuana harms the brain?
Person A: You stupid druggie....Um...You don't know what you're talking about!
Person B: Yeah, whatever. Have fun with your booze buddy. *Proceeds to light L*

by 234234234999 January 21, 2008
Mood altering drug usually obtained from fermentation of carbohydates by yeast. Users come into three main categories:

1. Responsible and limited. the wine you get at meals or social events where everyone has aliitle and it helps to relax.

2. Responisble and unlimited. Drink usually round someones house, usually by mettlers or greebos where evryone gets complately drunk and wakes up the next day with splitting headache drpaed over a chair with no damage to the surroundings.

3. Irresponsible and unlimited. usually pikeys or townies, get completely drunk, take a car or some other forma of vandalism occurs and then wake up next morning covered in puke and/or blood in a cell.

See the difference?
did u see the bus stop? some mindless cunts got drunk and wrecked so people cant use it. stupid townies.
by hairbear May 03, 2004
The cause and solution to all of life's problems.
Homer Simpson: To Alcohol, the cause and solution to all of life's problems.
by TurkTurkleton August 17, 2011
Man’s most misunderstood culinary achievement.
Alcohol can be found in countless things that makes your day either better or worse.
by nethcev! August 20, 2006
The greatest tool every created. The key is not to intake it at parties, but encourage every one else to drink freely. This way, your clear and sober mind will quickly become surrounded by drunk idiots, and you can take advantage of each and every one of them. If you're an ugly dude, no worries, a little alcohol will totally change a girls view on you. Same goes for girls, if you give a guy a couple of brews, he will hit anything that moves.
There is a difference between refraining from drinking and being the designated driver, the latter being the equivalent of being the party's bitch.

Hey man, stop smoking that reefer and have some alochol, the choice of champions.
by Regular John June 13, 2004
a tricky drug that makes you forget all your problems but couple hours later makes you fall into straight up depression
I am so drunk from alcohol
-couple hours later
why dont you love me gary
by dagreatest February 04, 2009
Most commonly used form of truth serum!
Lucy: "Tell me what happened, or I'll alcohol the answer out of your a**?"
by ChooseRedBull June 26, 2010

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