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1. An otherwise seemingly normal acquiantance whose thought process has obviously been clouded by copious and/or regular alcohol consumption, to the point where their normal personality seems to have been negatively affected, even during brief periods of sobriety. ~Often detected by unusually frequent bouts of making a complete ass of ones self and may be accompanied with foul odors.

2. Someone who may already have, or an insinuated suspicion that they may be dangerously close to having a diagnosable problem with alcohol.

3. Term for a person whose apparent alcohol intoxication seemed cause for a particularly unusual incident of stupid behavior.
James: "Was that weird or what last night when Steve took his pants off in the middle of the neighborhood BBQ?"

James' wife: "Yea, we definately need to put out an alca-tard alert."

alcoholic alcoholism
by Superick February 07, 2010
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