A race of people originating from the country of Albania. But in Wayne, New Jersey they can be seen in the flood zone on Dorsa Ave there happens to be special group that are always seen hanging out in herds and transform mostly into deer but also possums and other annoying night-time creatures when the sun goes down.

Guy 2: "Fucking albanians bro whatcha gonna do?"
by deer-hunter January 30, 2011
An Albanian is a descendant of a Caucasian Protogone Tribe, they are know for voodoo and bad attitudes. They have stolen land from Greeks and Serbians and are know for being the only Fanatical Muslims in Europe. They are know for immigrating in other countries and stealing their money.
Jeff: Hey, are you Albanian?
Monica: Hell no, not at all, I am not a donkey
by TheGreatFilippos June 08, 2014
1.Literally some one who doesnt give a fuck about what the others say, a tough headed guy, he knows he can do things on his own, he cant fight on his own, he can kick ass.
proud to be what he is.
2. despite everything he can be really good friend, he would never bail on you, he is not one of the guys who avoids and stuff, he is the one who would protect you if you are his friend and in danger, he is trustworthy.
3. Sombody who you dont wanna mess around.
Joe :hey That guy is Albanian , and he just beat the shit out of a guy who wanted to take his drink.

John: that guy actually helped on my math project, I think he is cool guy, he might have been just pissed of.
Joe: yeah dont piss off Albanians , you know!
by Ferizay-lee February 02, 2010
A Mediterranean/Balkanian culture. People are very family oriented and love food. Are often confused as Greeks or Italians. Are very good looking and classy. Have a kick ass Mafia. Are found in Albania,Kosova,FYROM,Montenego,Sicily,Greece.
Are the ancient Illyrians!
Who's that good looking person???

An Albanian.......duhhhhhhh
by Auroraaaa July 10, 2009
The retarded turks that were left behind when the turks tried to take over the balkans.
Bro kosovo is Serbia and is not albanian
by Big chetnik November 14, 2011
A heritage.
Drita, you stupid Albanian, you! ;)
by 123X456X789 July 02, 2009
'''Albanians''' are a Turkic people who entered Europe during the Late Middle Ages, as refugees, mercenaries and settlers for the Ottoman Empire in order to increase the presence of Turkic Muslims in South-East Europe. They later achieved "independence"(a joke as they were always treated just like other Turks by the Sultan). The modern-day Albanian state is the poorest, most backward, and most violent in Europe. Albanians infest other countries such as Serbia, Greece and Italy. Many dream of a ''Greater Albania'', which would encompass most of Eastern Europe. Some laughably claim to be the descendants of the ancient Illyrians, a people with who they share nothing whatsoever in common.
Man #1:Oh look Albanians are squatting next door!
Man #2:Time to sell up and leave then I guess.
Man #1:When you're right, you're right.
by mousebender January 14, 2012

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