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An alaskan submarine is what you call it when a mormon couple go out into the woods to dance naked in the snow and wife number 1 lures a bear into a clearing with canned spam and the smell of her menstrual blood, and wife number two runs out with a pot of cooked samon to distract the bear from eating wife number two, in the mean time the husband arrives with a chocolate fountain which he knows will drive both his women and the bear insane with lust, then the wives jump onto the bear and take turns pouring whiskey down the bears thoat while the husband stares the bear down menacingly and keeps his dog pack barking at the bear. Then wife number 1 slits the bears throat wide open, while wife number two errotically dances in front of it as it bleeds to death. Then wife number 2 skins the bear and wife number 1 pleasures her inside the bear skin to maintain body heat and also to avoid harming the baby. Then the husband has anal sex with wife number 1 while wife number two prepares bear meat. Then the husband erects a tent made out of bear skin over the sled for his wives to sleep in while he mushes their dogs across through the woods. Then when the husband is tired in the morning both wives take turns sucking him off before he goes to sleep and wife number 2 feeds the tired husband and wife number 1 feeds the dogs and builds a fire for camp.
I'm planning a trip to alaska with my two wives and I definitely know that at least one of my wives would be into the alaskan submarine.
by muddenhoney December 06, 2010
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