when 5,000 dirty mexicans amazingly defeated 156 texan farmers including Davie crocket
dirty mexican: ha take that retard americans we won at the alamo
some american: Mexico sucks
by capitalismforever1 March 13, 2010
The most boring landmark in San Antonio, the battle of the Alamo was a loss, yet we honor it? We LOST people, it was ordered to be destroyed by Gen. Sam Houston, yet we stood there to fight, it was shameful we thought that just because they are Mexicans that we could beat them 180 to 5000, that's not even david and goliath, that's stupidity, period. And the alamo never bought us time, the alamo was crushed, then the massacre at goliad, then we trapped them at San Jacinto and crushed the surrounded, ambushed Mexiacan army.
When I go to the Alamo I find it hard not to laugh at the pridefull Texans who think, the building is worth a damn.
by calthopian stuck in texas February 26, 2008
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