Alabama is a beautiful state, despite what you may have heard. The people are extremely nice, until you get to know them. Most people have Southern accents, they get thicker as you go further south. Intelligent people live there, but they are few and far between. The girls are pretty, but wear three pounds of make-up on their face so who knows what they really look like. Most people in Alabama are racist, whether they will admit it or not. People in the south in general are ignorant to the fact that not everyone from the North is a Yankee. Football is loved by all people, but rivalries are WAY to strong. People are very judgmental and talk about people behind their backs. The food is good, as long as you avoid fast food. I don't think we ever went to a fast food place and got exactly what we ordered. The state is full of very caring people, if only they cared about someone other than themselves for a change. Not a soul is caught dead on a Sunday morning anywhere but church. As for school systems, they need work, BAD. People don't accept ideas that don't match their own. Alabama is not full of rednecks like you might think, they are actually full of people who wear expensive clothes and have expensive things and are really shallow and just want people to think they are loaded. I lived in Alabama for many years, and when my friends and I got bored, the most fun thing we could think of was to go to Wal-mart, and you thought you lived in a boring state..
"You damn Yankees come down here and try to change everything."-The neighbor of a guy from the North who was re-doing the landscaping in his yard in Alabama
by SmileyVampire March 14, 2011
what you would call a girl who you don't know, but would sure like to get to know.
Nickname contrived from the song "Sweet Home Alabama."; someone sings "...I'm comin' home to you..." and points at a girl who strangely starts being called Alabama because they find it kinda catchy.

Evie: Oh hey, Alabama!!
Hope (Alabama?): Uh...hi...?
Seth: Wait. Is your name REALLY Alabama?
Alabama: Erm...yes?
Seth: Oh. That's cool.
"That Alabama is one funky chick."
by Al A. Bama May 19, 2008
Alabama, the most inbreeding and raciest acts occur in this terrible place. you will notice if you visit this shit hole that the fans are ape shit because they won a single national championship. and seriously roll tide? yeah 2nd in obesity and 49th in education. also if i am familiarized with the law, it is still legal to own a slave in one small city? No shit look it up.
Hick1: damn alabama is the greatest state ever!
Hick2: yall be right, my momma says the same thing everytime she walks outside.
Human: illiteracy strikes again
by everyone in the U.S January 02, 2011
(Yes I Live N the AL and a girl. ~MOB-TOWN~ But was Born N the BIG PITT. This is my Def. from the 5 years living N the AL)
~Alabama U & Auburn U Football
~Kid friendly Mardi Gras(NOT fun 4 kids when: that OLDER man SNACHES that STUFFED ANIMAL the person on the float FINALY did throw off and was SOOO pointing @ YOU When he did)
~The FASTEST growing CITY in the USA (MOB~TOWN)

Any Food you want FRIED We'll Make it!
~ICE Cream
~Some of the BEST Fried Chicken

& Alabama has the #1 highest UNDER AGE Drinking rating N the US. and some other people in this state R PROUD that AL is #1 N Somthing? Thats NOT right.

and now YA'LL is now not a southern word. when I go up north 2 Family, I her random people saying it.

SONG:sweet home Alabama!
AL PEOPLE: Roll Tide Role!!!
ill have to agree with casey the great, god i lived there 16 years and liked it at the time but now i absolutly hate it. full of swamps and trailors, equal number of hot chicks as rednecks- works out alright, many confederate flags- go up north or out west and you wont see one so dont say seeing 10 or so a day is not rascist, the beaches suck, citys are all right, summers are brutal, winters are decent, people seem nice until you date their daughter, lots of trash talk about yankees and liberals- now from 4 years of livin up north ive found they dont give a shit about us and what we think but we seem to bash on them for dumb reasons- dont make sense but oh well. 14 to ride a motor-cycle, 15 for a car. over all decent state.
aaa lll aaa bbb aaaa mmm aaa
by UM February 28, 2005
1) A state where there are, obviously, not too many bright people. (Judging by the entries made with stupid & careless spelling errors.) Just watch, now that I've said that, I'll make a dumbass mistake.

2) Stereotyped by pretty much everyone for incest, racism & rednecks.
1) omg im lyk frum alabamar & der r hot gurlz hear but we r sooooo misunderstood :(:(:( plz feel soz 4 me. kk???/

2) G-g-gosh! Me uncle is me cousin & me brother all at the same time. Harharharhar.
by Tam. H III esq. April 06, 2005
1. As you can read by the previous entries, a state filled with a bunch of people who need to act neglected and mis-understood over the internet to make themselves feel good. Also, a state filled with people who leave a deffinition practically identical to the last 8 deffinitions.

2. One of the best bands ever.
1. I'm from Alabama. Read me whining about how everyone steriotypes us! Wah! feel bad for us! Waaaaaaaaa! I'm gonna go on Urbandictionary and define it as a misunderstood state even though no one cares and 5 people already defined it as that!

2. Alabama is one of the few remaining highly popular bands that plays the old country.
by Bob Hope III April 03, 2005
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