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A Southeastern state in the United States that is much better than Mississippi or Arkansas but worse than Florida or Tennessee. If you have old Southern money in your family, you most likely live in Alabama and/or go to the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa.

Damn good football, though.

Momma and Daddy bought me a Mercedes when I was 16 because I'm from Alabama.
by K.J.S. April 05, 2006
81 93
A State and State of Mind - and some might say a Black Sucking Hole. Born & raised... I then managed to escape for 20 years. Later I somehow got sucked back down to Dixie for what was supposed to be temporary... that was 5 years ago (Bama years = dog years, so that's 35 actually). It has beautiful country, ocean, flat lands, mountains, waterfalls, etc. And even FREE thinkers but only in Birmingham on the Southside. Politically the state is firmly in the hands of the GOP. White democrats (aka Dixiecrats) rushed like lemmings from the Democratic side to the Republican as a result of the GOP’s rhetoric on states rights. By capitalizing on white fear, they successfully rode the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s to victory. In Alabama, it being the BUCKLE of the Bible Belt, there are many puritanical religious zealots that think Bill Clinton put an x-ray vision satellite in space that flies over every night and counts their guns. No lie... there are those who wrap their pistols in aluminum foil so they won’t get counted.
Now sugah, don't be forgittin' to wrap that pistol back up in aluminum foil when you git done shootin'that possum. Yes, Clinton's satellite flies over Alabama tonight so now don't forgit. And watch out for that damn sink hole! It keeps gittin' bigger and bigger every day.

by T Wade October 01, 2005
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alabama has a lot of good attracktions like the battle ship you can go visit a real battleship. it has the huntville rocket center. and is on the gulf of mexico. there is racism in every state and also alabama is a very polite and well mannered state people r very polite in the south unlik ethe north where people dont know how to say yes ma'am
alabama is the best!!
by DUDE January 05, 2005
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Alabama is a beautiful state, despite what you may have heard. The people are extremely nice, until you get to know them. Most people have Southern accents, they get thicker as you go further south. Intelligent people live there, but they are few and far between. The girls are pretty, but wear three pounds of make-up on their face so who knows what they really look like. Most people in Alabama are racist, whether they will admit it or not. People in the south in general are ignorant to the fact that not everyone from the North is a Yankee. Football is loved by all people, but rivalries are WAY to strong. People are very judgmental and talk about people behind their backs. The food is good, as long as you avoid fast food. I don't think we ever went to a fast food place and got exactly what we ordered. The state is full of very caring people, if only they cared about someone other than themselves for a change. Not a soul is caught dead on a Sunday morning anywhere but church. As for school systems, they need work, BAD. People don't accept ideas that don't match their own. Alabama is not full of rednecks like you might think, they are actually full of people who wear expensive clothes and have expensive things and are really shallow and just want people to think they are loaded. I lived in Alabama for many years, and when my friends and I got bored, the most fun thing we could think of was to go to Wal-mart, and you thought you lived in a boring state..
"You damn Yankees come down here and try to change everything."-The neighbor of a guy from the North who was re-doing the landscaping in his yard in Alabama
by SmileyVampire March 14, 2011
29 45
A south eastern state. I live in Alabama and there definitely ARE rednecks, not much racism, (actually a lot of blacks and Mexicans reside here), tons of pick up trucks and camoflauge, trailors, and hot, sticky weather. Good food, fat people. Alabama is the fattest state. It's peaceful for the most part. It is mostly republicans and anti-abortionists. Not to mention Bush lovers, but it's not too bad. There are, believe it or not, some cool people here. Probably 85% Christians. Not too many mullets, but a lot of bad dressers and 80's hair. I won't live here forever. No one should.
Alabama is pretty, but definitely not the most beautiful place in America. See Boulder, Colorado.
by heino March 11, 2006
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If you've never been to Alabama, don't go around actin' like you know all about it. If you're puttin' down Alabama you're probably some stupid yankee that has to have the government support your family. when you're down here it makes all your worries go away,everything is just so relaxed. you can sit on your front porch and just chill out all day. So what if most of us are rednecks, we are the best kinda people to be around, we can show you a great time and we are friendly. If you move down here i'll bet that the first day you're here that you will have at least 10 neighbors come by and welcome you, that probably wouldn't happen up in yankeeville. Think twice before you put down alabama again.
Tuscalusa--Home of the Bear
by Big Al January 11, 2005
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Shittiest state ever. A state that's 49th in education and 2nd in obesity. Yes, it IS full of rednecks, and if anyone says otherwise then seriously? You can't see 5 cars without seeing an Alabama or Auburn sticker, a confederate flag, or an anti-Obama bumper sticker on it. The food is salted to death. Every fucking restaurant here has to have their own "secret" thing in it, and it's never as good as they say. A place where southern hospitality is a joke. A place where the people think that their accent is cute. Are you liberal? Then prepare to hear the same political arguments over and over from the same people. Most corrupted government in America. A place where the crowning achievements are its racism and retarded civilians. Atheists will be shunned no matter what. Intellectual discussion doesn't exist. There is actually a city here where the entire population comes from 4 gene pools. I'm not even kidding! Talk about ugly. The entire state is ugly. There are some people (about %60) here where when you look at them, you just have to say, "There was definitely some inbreeding with you." Hot and humid as hell. Highest insect population in America. There is always a "tornado" every week, but the meteorologists here obviously can't tell a thunderstorm apart from a tornado.

There's only one half-decent city here and that would be Huntsville. It's half-decent only because the city is only half-redneck, unlike the rest of Alabama. Even with that, everything above still applies.
Typical Alabama conversation: Hey Diddy, there's a junebug on your cornpone!
by Beanstalker December 02, 2010
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