A place that is not all fucking incest rasism and hicks. I swear if i read another fucking word about how people from Alabama are a bunch of ignorrant rednecks im going to be pissed. I live up north but grew up in alabama and I swear it isnt any different up here then it is down there. People just talk differently and are alot nicer down there. And, the women are hotter down there. J'sayin. all these chicks up here are pale and fat and ugly. :)
Jake(Yankee): alabama is such a stoopid state you guys, jesus, it is so dumbb and so racist you guys.

Mary Sue(Redneck): Shut the fuck up you mother fucking rude ass yankee. just the other day you were talking about how you think black dudes smell and how you think there all animals.
by Serikita June 29, 2011
Alabama is not full of rednecks,racism and farms. I have lived here all my live and I have not seen a farm yet. It is also well known for college football. Football is a religion in alabama. So everyone dissing alabama can suck a fat dick. No suck an Alabamians dick bitch. The girls here are not bad. I have never heard of someone marring there family member. That is just a bunch of bullshit people made up to try and diss Alabama. Fuck everyone who ain't down with the south the whole south motherfucker not just Georgia and Florida.
Hey atleast in Alabama people still have that great souther hospitality
by g-unot soldier August 07, 2006
To quote Mr. Loser: absolute hicks; have a football team that called the Crimson Tide because they once tied in a game in the 1910s; racists

Nice work, you complete dipshit. Called Crimson Tide because in the early 1900's they had a great season, and an announcer said they looked like a "Tide of Crimson" storming all over the other teams. Idiot.
While it is true that racism exists in Alabama, can you tell me a state that dosen't hold an example of racism? If you think Alabama is bad because of racism, you're probably an idiot, so go jump off a cliff and rid us of your worthless ass.
by Lynx July 05, 2004
A state thats history includes racism, bigotry, ignorance, and bibles. Filled with christans that will go on a witch hunt if your atheist or gay/lesbian. One of the fattest states in america. Education system wont win any awards. Football is king and thats all they talk about. Hot summers, winters are ehh. Girls are average at best. Lots of blacks live down in alabama so its not all whites.

Bottom line: Alabama isn't a state i would reccomend for anyone.
Joe Jack: Alabama is teh best!

Normal person: At racism and ignorance.
by guyFRomSaturn September 29, 2011
Alabama is one of the greatest states in the nation. I don't care what all you Bama haters out there say, the only steryotype down here that's true is the one about our love of football. AND WE'RE ALL PROUD OF IT! So i dont give a flying crap about what you friggin' YANKEES say. Sure, we may have some rednecks, but we're proud of that too. No racism, and some of the greatest food you will ever eat. I end on this note................ROLL TIDE!!!!!
Man, I'm so glad i live in Alabama, since it is like the best state ever.
by benmomicboa March 19, 2009
A Southeastern state in the United States that is much better than Mississippi or Arkansas but worse than Florida or Tennessee. If you have old Southern money in your family, you most likely live in Alabama and/or go to the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa.

Damn good football, though.

Momma and Daddy bought me a Mercedes when I was 16 because I'm from Alabama.
by K.J.S. April 05, 2006
A State and State of Mind - and some might say a Black Sucking Hole. Born & raised... I then managed to escape for 20 years. Later I somehow got sucked back down to Dixie for what was supposed to be temporary... that was 5 years ago (Bama years = dog years, so that's 35 actually). It has beautiful country, ocean, flat lands, mountains, waterfalls, etc. And even FREE thinkers but only in Birmingham on the Southside. Politically the state is firmly in the hands of the GOP. White democrats (aka Dixiecrats) rushed like lemmings from the Democratic side to the Republican as a result of the GOP’s rhetoric on states rights. By capitalizing on white fear, they successfully rode the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s to victory. In Alabama, it being the BUCKLE of the Bible Belt, there are many puritanical religious zealots that think Bill Clinton put an x-ray vision satellite in space that flies over every night and counts their guns. No lie... there are those who wrap their pistols in aluminum foil so they won’t get counted.
Now sugah, don't be forgittin' to wrap that pistol back up in aluminum foil when you git done shootin'that possum. Yes, Clinton's satellite flies over Alabama tonight so now don't forgit. And watch out for that damn sink hole! It keeps gittin' bigger and bigger every day.

by T Wade October 01, 2005

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