A place for the party heart and a place for the soft at heart! Some people judge Alabama from what is not known. I lived in Alabama for about five years and know it is a million times better than West Virginia! So if you want to put down a state pick West Virginia but don't say it to my face because I love WV too. Just not as much as I love Alabama!
Alabama is for you and has room for all of your friends
by J MAN FROM THE A STATE July 04, 2006
An extremely misunderstood state that's probably less racist now than a lot of states in the north. We aren't hicks, and we don't have unpaved roads everywhere. We don't have affairs with our family members and we aren't a state full of red necks. Or at least not in most places I've been too
person A: I'm moving
Person B: To where?
Person A: Alabama
Person B: I'm so sorry!!! When you go, look out for red necks with guns!
Person A: Have you ever even BEEN there??
Person B: No...
by MsSashuhSay August 22, 2010
A place where you can grow up without getting up every morning to pay your parking meter and get stuck in traffic for 3 hours. A place where your kids can grow up in a small town where everybody knows everybody. A place where we are all family, we take care of each other. Alabama gets criticized everyday because we are so called "red necks" but we aren't. Sure we love fried chicken, have a southern accent, respect our elders, open the door for a complete stranger, carry groceries for a elderly person, visit our neighbors, love football, love NASCAR, take care of our family, and we like country music. But how does that make us a bad state? I'm proud to live in Alabama and I don't care who knows it!
Sweet Home Alabama!!!!!!
by jcrump1330 October 20, 2011
home of the hottest females in the nation. Best football state. Shitty educational system. Constant recipient of stupid hick jokes by people who have no clue what they're talking about and have never so much as kissed a female.
by Jeremy September 01, 2003
It's one of the best places to leave.It's peaceful just being able to step outside and see the sky..and to be able to Breath!!We have very nice people here...it's called southern hospitality!We don't have racism problems like we are rumored to have..we have African Americans and Mexicans that go to my school!We have everything that we need to have here..and it's where I've lived all my life.I have never met anyone in my life that is inbred so thats obviously not true.It's also a very nice place to raise your children.So overall it's a great place to live!

Bye the way..how the hell would you guys know if it's a terrible place to live..half of you probably have never even visited Alabama,and the whole things about trying to defend my state waa deal..yeah well you think we are weird!!!your the one coming a STUPID website trying to defend yourself..and u ppl think we are messed up..
Alabama is a very peaceful state!
by bamarocks!! March 27, 2007
I was born here in Alabama and proud of it...everyone thinks alabama is full of racism and REDNECKS. That is wrong. I have traveled to many places around the US and believe me...there are REDNECKS and racism everywhere.If alabama is sooo bad...why are my friends from up north moving down here to escape urban life???? mmm....
War Eagle-Hey !!!!!!
by Lauren November 29, 2003
Alabama is a southern state squished between Mississippi and Georgia. There are a few nicknames for Alabama, such as: Yellow Hammer State, Heart of Dixie, and the Cotton State. It's motto is "Audemus jura nostra defendere," which is Latin for "We dare defend our rights."

The largest city (by land area) in Alabama is Huntsville, and the largest Metropolitan statistical area is the greater Birmingham area. Alabama was admitted into the union on December 14, 1819, it was the twenty second state to enter the union.

Alabama is considered to be an illiterate state, filled to the brim with incest and racist rednecks carrying guns. As you've probably already noticed, Alabama is a state with people in it. Like, real people. People that make decisions for them selves and their families. But, not every person in Alabama is the same.

Alabama does not have the best education system, but I've heard their working on it. Alabama is full of a lot of old people (I'm serious, I think the water is magic down there) and they still carry the same beliefs they were raised with. So yeah, the old people are a pretty racist so they raised their kids with severely biased opinions. But the generation of young people now aren't that bad, sure there are plenty of people with their own differing opinions, but that's their opinions not the whole population of the state.
Alabama is a state, just like any other state. It may not sound as exciting as California or New York. But, it's still pretty cool.
by I am a useless potato June 30, 2014
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