A street paving (flattening) vehicle that is only found: west of Georgia, north of Flordia, East of Mississippi, and south of Tennessee
Bill Bob: Lookit Huck, there goes one of them dag-gone Alabama Steamrollers comin' on down the road.

Huck: Dangit Bill Bob, we live in a trailer off of the highway, a'course its a'comin' down the road.

Bill Bob: Get my gun, I see a possum.
by Redneck Kyle January 12, 2006
Top Definition
when a chick puts marshmallows in her pussy and they melt, and then a dude fucks her. when they are finished, she licks the marshmallow off his penis.
chris likes his alabama steamrollers. in the butt.
by marshmallow boy May 05, 2004
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