A bunch of muslims who put there thongs on too tight.
Al-Qaeda are twats!
by Robin Hoodie February 20, 2009
Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization founded on a bad interpretation of the Coran. They are cowards, totally crazy, and above all they are bloody killers.
50 people died in a Al Qaeda attack
by Mart1 April 14, 2007
A Bunch of fucking towelheads.
- Whats this i hear about the Al Qaeda on the news.

- i think they bought new towels for their heads or something, fuckin assholes.
by Patrick O' Hoolahan November 18, 2010
n.total dickheads
adj. to have the qualities of a dickhead
1. Al Qaeda is a group of dickheads.
2. George was being totally Al qaeda today.
by poop April 08, 2005
The terrorist group that got its former leader's, Osama bin Laden's, ass killed. Now it still attempts to kill and terrorize anyone who it can find, and is still a legitimate threat. The US Military, along with any other military that wants to join in, must stop Al Qaeda by any means possible, even the absolute killing of all of them.
Kill Al Qaeda!
by vandygoddess August 26, 2012
Someone who is a terrible person.
My friend called my a tard so he must be a Al-Qaeda
by TJ Bank$ May 25, 2011
al Qaeda means anal sex
That girl is really in to al qaeda
by alliek October 15, 2007

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