to hold 2 pistols, one in each hand. A common image is arms extended, face focused and scrunched, blazing off wildly, NOT shooting both pistols at the same time but alternating each time. Also the shooter can wear a trench coat that's flailing in the wind. Sunglasses are okay too.
His akimbo pistols rained a trail of bullets.
by airro2 January 06, 2005
To hold two guns of any size and fire alternating to kill shit faster
Akimbo arena - Works great for ut2004 unreal tournament 2004
by July 31, 2005
When ones' legs are spread wide open. Same as 'spread eagle.'
Hey, why are you legs akimbo? Are you a gymnist? No, I wanna fuck.
by Oleg R. August 04, 2004
The proper term for holding one pistol in each hand. Often confused with the incorrect term of "double-pack pistols".
by Marcin April 20, 2003
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