a beast, always competing with DAOUDA to be the beastiest guy in the universe
(x): so AKIM, who's your best friend?
by d to da g December 17, 2004
Top Definition
An Amazingly Sexy Person who is Possibly the best boyfriend ever, he is extremely Clever and an amazing kisser& hugger. Akim is Very loveable and will Never be forgotten
are you going out with akim?


omg your soo luckyy!!
by TabbyPS November 07, 2010
A roommate who disposes of bugs.
There was a spider in my room, but my akim fixed the problem.
To get rid of bugs we have an akim to help us.
by Elizabeth Katelin Irland October 19, 2011
1) one who is not of the smartest stature
2) to have no common sence
3) atractive but ditzy
After having a couple drinks with this new girl I quickly realized that she was akim.

by tmez February 17, 2009
akim is a nigger
akim..sup nigger
by boner guide me September 20, 2003
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