1. an African American
K: Who is that?
Kiki: That's the Akata boy I was telling u about
by Da Cypha July 09, 2004
Top Definition
Contrary to popular opinion among non-Yorubas and some Nigerians or Africans who does not understand this word, akata does not mean coton picker or slave and it is not derogatory.

It means a cat that doesn't live at home like a wild non domesticated cat, this is used to reference mostly African Americans as they are considered Africans by all Africans but the fact that they don't live in Africa make them akata while those of us who live at home can be considered as Ologbo (cat).

It is no different from an African American calling his buddies "cat" , it is just that the Yorubas recognize the fact that this is a cat that isn't at home.

I am Yoruba who also studied Yoruba in high school and have a better understanding of this word than any none Yoruba or Yoruba who have never studied Yoruba as a language.

It is also another word used to identify Africans who have visited America.
On a recent visit back to Nigeria, a friend was asked about the Iraq war and he directed the question to his friend another Nigerian who was visiting home from America.

" why are you asking me that?, ask the akata here , he can answer it"

The Nigerian have also become an akata because he no longer lives at home.

This is a Yoruba word and only a Yoruba can truly know what it means, for more information search online for Yoruba dictionary, then email the Yorubas listed on the contact page for meaning of akata and they may be able to help you further.
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by Waheed ALABEDE March 13, 2007
**Previous definitions are more biased/personal, not really universal**

** Accurate Defeinition:

Nigerian term (now expanding outside) used to describe Black Americans; Originally insulting (now becoming neutral), name given to black Americans/Nigerians who lack education, lack culture, are ignorant, dress too revealing or are "wayward"; Nigerian term that's similar to "Nigger". Sometimes used jokingly amongst Nigerians.
Parent: So you want to be an "Akata" and not go to school and have babies before you marry. Chyyy.... u are a DISGRACE!!!!

Girl: Look at you showing off all your "humps", dressin as if you have no respect.... AKATA!!

Boy: LOOK AT U! What is this rubbish english (LOL) u are speaking? Speaking as if u are an Akata!

Parent: Don't marry that Akata. He will cheat on you and make u forget about your people. Look at him.... wearing gold in his teeth while playing all that "jagga jagga" music in his motto... typical akata.
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by Afro-man April 22, 2007
Akata Means African American, Black American. This term is specifically used by people of Yoruba (Nigeria) descent living in the U.S.
She is dating an Akata boy.
#black american #afro american #african american #black #american black
by Ernst Stavro Blofeld January 22, 2006
A name from the Yoruba ethnic group in Nigeria for African-Americans. It is rumoured to mean 'slaves' or 'captives', and often carries a derogatory connotation. Some say that the literal definition is 'cotton picker' - The term was popularised in Hollywood by the movie Sugar Hill.

This term has been picked up by Africans in the United States. Many Africans that pick up the word however are not aware that it is derogatory as they do not know the origins and do not know the yoruba language so depending on whos saying it, they may mean it as an insult. If the person is Nigerian, particualry of Yoruba origin, they may have a better understanding of why they are using that word.
It was an akata party.
They were playing akata music.
She thinks shes an Akata, thats why she acts like that.
He acts like an Akata.
#african-american #nigger #cotton picker #afro-american #black american
by Ms T November 21, 2005
Akata is an abbreviated Igbo word, akataka, which means: a tough man like Okonkwo in Chinue Achebe's "Things Fall Apart".
With the emergence of westernization and woman's empowerment, the abbreviated form “akata” was used to describe a tough Igbo wife/woman that can drive away all her husband’s relatives and isolate him from his family so as to gain access to all his wealth when he passed away without given his relatives any chance to claim some part of his properties as is the custom of Igbo people.

When Igbos (in Nigeria) started migrating to America, they found African American ladies tough to control and wayward unlike the laid-back attitude the Igbos are accustomed to. They christened them akata, but now it is equal used for both male and female African Americans.

n. (1) an African American (especially a wayward one).

(2) a tough Igbo woman.
In Igbo:
O na anu onye akata = He is marrying an akata (a tough woman).

Ndi akata juru na party ahu = The party is filled with akatas.

In America:
Well, I'm new here, you can ask this akata (African American, not black immigrants from Africa)

Don't marry (an) akata, she will soon divorce you
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by m006 March 26, 2010
Contrary to popular belief, the word "akata" is not of Yoruba origin.
At least, the Yoruba meaning "white bitch" does not convey the meaning intended because "akata" was not introduced by Yorubas to describe black americans. How could they call both men and women "white bitch" when the subjects are all black? The answer is they did not call them that. More than a dozen african languages have the word "akata" but with diffirent meanings. So every language with that word can claim "akata" is its.
The Ibos introduced the word "akata," which means literarily "to become stronger, to be emancipated" to describe the black american attitude, experience, and character - "we used to be slaves, but now we are emancipated; we used to be weak, now we are stronger."
It is derogatory in a way because when the Ibos call them "akata" they say it to mean "that the black american has uncontainable, intimidating, or unpolished 'newly acquired strength.'"

That makes a lot of sense than calling them white bitch, whic they are not, because that is how we view the average black person.
IBO words:
Akata-lam ahu = My body is stronger;
Akata-lam ike = I am stronger;
Obu onye akata = he is an akata;
Akata ga egbu ibe = the peron with new strength will kill others;
Akata amagh otu ike ya ha; the person with power does not know their limit
#akata ike #ikatata ahu #akata-ram ike #akata-lam ahu #okata ahu
by Emeka Oti November 28, 2007
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