A common nickname for new age music. Often used by teens making fun of Enya(new age) or Ladytron(not new age). this can really piss off fans off (i hate enya).
1. OMG! Enya is so airy fairy. I can't believe my parents listen to this shit!
2. Umm.... Ladytron sounds a bit airy fairy.
by Devil Kisses October 09, 2009
Top Definition
Irish Slang

A person who is not "with it"; who lives in their own dreamland; does not take life or situations too seriously; is relaxed to the point of inattentiveness; absent-minded.
Sally lost her purse again last night, she is so airy-fairy about her stuff.

Billy was doodling in class all day, and forgot to take down his homework. The next day the teacher said, "Billy, stop being so airy-fairy and listen in class, you asshole."
by Aisling O'Keeffe August 11, 2006
Adj. Lacking in strength, insubstantial. {Informal}. British in origin.
"This here bloody vodka is all airy-fairy, ain't gotta drop-a alcohol innit!"
by Dylan H. February 12, 2005
A derogatory term used to refer to the boys and girls who have joined the Air Force Cadets. Also used as an alternate name for the Air Force Cadets. This word is most commonly used by non-air cadets to put air cadets down, likening them to fairy's because they fly and fairy's are childish and maybe slightly homosexual. It is suspected that all Air Force Cadets, or Airy Fairy's are gay.
"What'd ya do at airy fairy's last friday?", "Ummmm, no mate, you're a airy fairy"
by Cavalierman April 16, 2007

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