a game were people play because there to pussy to play paintball.....so they rather play dress up..
Paintballer:"lets play some paintball!"

Airsofter:"NOO!!! i dont wanna get hurt!Besides my mommy wanted me to be in bed by 6:30"
by steewaffle August 14, 2009
A poor substitute for not joining the military. Essentially its people fantasizing that their soldiers, running around in tactical gear and camo with realistic looking guns that fire BBs. Attracts frustrated special forces wannabes and war geeks who will do anything to wear camo. They go to great lengths to get the same gear that the "big boys" use.
Airsoft player: No, you didn't get me. I was behind that barrel.

SEAL team member: Sorry kid, but if I were firing my real M4 instead of this toy, you'd be dead. Steel barrels can't stop 5.56 rounds. Better luck next time...
by The Truth Hurts, deal with it November 29, 2006
An version of paintball created for city dwellers who either can't find a field or can't get out of town. Therefore they use smaller, less powerful guns that leave no mess.
Airsoft is a smaller no-mess version of paintball for people who can't get to a paintball field.
by Woodsballer 4 Life January 07, 2009
a game where girls don't need to play if they don't have protection 'cause it hurts like a mo fo. And it leaves bruises all over the place. It leaves welts that may even bleed. Recomended for guys only. IT SUCKS LIKE A BUTT...and don't ask 'cause there were four eggs involved...who...who knows
"hey ya'll you wanna play airsoft?"
"heck yeah hold on"
"lets not wait we'll shoot them and hide right NOW"
"OUCH stop shooting us...i think our guns broke!"
by egg's and bacon April 03, 2008
something hurts really badly
i got shot by an airsoft on the leg ow
by felipe coimbra May 28, 2006
Airsoft is a game that not many people play or have even heard of. The majority of players use plastic gun replicas that fire .12g or .2g plastic ball bearings (bbs). It is possible for different weights but those are by far the most common. The people that actually play airsoft (no, I’m not talking about the ones who just like to mess around with the guns) are usually the quiet kids in JROTC that look at guns on the internet in their spare time and want to join the army so they can shoot someone with a real firearm.

Now for a quick physics lesson. Many people say "well, airsoft fields generally allow 400-550 fps and paintball fields only allow up to 300 fps.” That statement means absolutely nothing. Well as a matter of fact it does mean something; it proves that paintballs hurt much more.

This is the average force of an airsoft pellet assuming its a .2 gram bb traveling at 400 feet per second (although many airsoft guns can’t even shoot that fast).

Force = mass X acceleration

.2 grams = 0.0002 kilograms
400 feet = 121.92 meters

F = .0002 X 121.92
F = .024384 N

This is the average paintball force assuming we are using a 3.185 gram paintball (the average weight) shooting at 300 feet per second.

3.18500 grams = 0.003185 kilograms
300 feet = 91.44 meters

F = .003185 X 91.44
F = .2912364 N

So what does all this crap mean? It means that the average paintball has roughly 12x more force than an airsoft pellet traveling 100 fps faster. You can make a fair assumption based on those facts that the average paintball will hurt 12x more than a pretty fast airsoft pellet. Still don’t believe me? Well then think of it this way… what bullet would do more damage, a .22 caliber bullet or a .50 caliber bullet? Oh and airsoft pellets loose velocity much faster than paintballs, I’ll spare everyone from those equations.
Airsoft is just a sport that no one really plays. But its cheaper than paintball so it must be better, right?
by andrewmc91 April 28, 2006
airsoft is a game where people like to play or re-enact sences from black hawk down

they play with their booty and have nice guns. a man only sport. not for boys
i have an mp5sd5, made by tm. it woops the cadies ass
by pseudonym September 11, 2004

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