There are so many paintball players on urbandictionary that I thought I would clear a couple things up for people who are actually interested in airsoft. First of all, paintball and airsoft are two completely different games. Paintball is usually much faster paced, and is played on much smaller fields. It tends to have much more of a video game/fps feeling to it. Airsoft is slower paced, and is usually played in the woods, or in buildings (to reenact cqb/cqc scenarios) Paintball guns range from $50 to thousands of dollars depending on the make and the upgrades that you give them. Airsoft replicas range from $10 to thousands of dollars depending on the same factors.

Airsoft uses 6mm plastic pellets, usually weighing between .12 and .3g. the most common weights are .2 and .25g bbs, which are used in most AEGs (automatic electric guns). Paintball uses different sizes and weights of gell filled capsules that burst on impact, leaving a mark.

Airsoft guns do tend to hurt less per shot, but most airsoft guns are fired on full auto, meaning that you almost never get hit just once. Paintball guns are usually semi auto only. Airsoft guns tend to have much more range than paintball guns, as most high end airsoft replicas use a system called "hopup" which imparts backspin to the bb giving it a straight trajectory for longer. Airsoft guns also tend to fire at much higher velocities than paintballs, which means that there is less delay between the bb leaving the barrel and hitting its target. Contrary to popular belief, airsoft guns can leave welts, as the bbs do not burst on impact, and the force is concentrated into a much smaller area, however, airsofters tend to not care weather or not their guns hurt their opponents.

There are no professional airsoft teams, and airsofters want to keep it that way. Because airsoft is based on the honor system, airsoft attracts a different type of player. Airsoft games tend to have little or no cheating. You will hit someone, and they will immediately leave the field. I have never been to a paintball game where there has not been a problem with cheaters.

Airsofters tend to concentrate on the tactical and milsim aspect of the sport, wheras paintballers tend to focus more on the fast and furious action. both have their merits. Airsofters usually wear camo and tactical gear to carry their equipment, paintballers tend to wear jersies and use waist harnesses.

The fact of the matter is, airsoft and paintball are two completely different sports, both of which are fun. paintballers tend to bash on airsofters out of ignorance, many of them have never played an actual game of airsoft; they have shot their friends springer in his backyard and think that that is indicative of the entire sport. You wouldnt want an airsofter to shoot a wal mart 30 dollar pump gun and think that that is all there is to paintball would you?
paintballers say that they would simply not call their hits in a game of airsoft, this is why airsofters dont want you to play with them.
by kleeklor June 11, 2007
airsoft is a game where people like to play or re-enact sences from black hawk down

they play with their booty and have nice guns. a man only sport. not for boys
i have an mp5sd5, made by tm. it woops the cadies ass
by pseudonym September 11, 2004
A lame thing to do when your application to the military got rejected because you had a kid with your mom. It's incenst, and its illegal. Airsoft should be illegal. You dress up like you're going to war, but you shoot plastic at each other. How fun. You run off the "honor system." Which means, shoot me and I won't call myself out.
I play airsoft because I'm too pansy to fight for my country, so I play in my backyard with plastic guns.
by BigBalla89 July 23, 2006
A game where people shoot mil-sim guns at each other pretending like they're in the military. typically these people dress up in camo and play who knows where because no one wants to lose money on opening up an airsoft field. airsoft guns have to have a higher velocity because even still you cannot feel it. airsofters play airsoft because their guns "look more realererer then teh ghey paintball pansy guns" when in reality paintball guns are not pansy guns.. paintballs hurt more... if you play airsoft and say paintball is gay, that officially makes you a fag. paintball is overall more fast paced, fun, and requires more overall skill and stamina than airsoft. i dont carry a 50lb ruck on my back.. you know why? because i'm not a dumbass and i dont play airsoft..
dude: hey, we're gonna play airsoft in my backyard today, wanna play?
guy: didnt we do that when we were like 7 with "real looking guns" and yell "bang you're dead" at each other
dude: no, airsoft has teh 1337 pelletz that roxorz joor face off!

airsofters cannot take the pain of a paintball.. which is why they need airsoft and real looking guns "if only real looking guns had an orange tip" to make them feel like they hold some kind of importance in society and to make them feel better about their rice sized penis...

"i played airsoft once.. i almost got shot by a cop.. apparently my replica m16a1 with a blaze orange tip looked WAYYY to real for him."
"sweet... you're gay"
by HuNtS1987 July 23, 2006
the sad shitty pathetic excuse for paintball. airsoft players and their "550 fps" shooting guns need to get a life and see. Airsoft is a ... (well not a sport. but kinda like what little kids do with nerf guns) and you need to see that it has no industry you are the only fag who plays it and the day i see an airsoft player get paid 20$ let alone 100,000 to play i'll hang myself
"I've owned paintball players with my airsoft gun!"
"wtf do u set infants on a field with a marker?! paintball guns are mad fast airsoft guns are mad ghey the honor system is what really fuels it... its the solid stone evidence you have that you hit that guy and you should be the winner of the game. go kill yourself queer"
by GKY September 19, 2006
a game in which you use dinky pee shooters to fire 12 GRAM (lol) PLASTIC pellets at each-other. that can maybe pierce a paper at 30 feet, if it can even go straight for that far. Every airsoft gun wishes to grow p to be a paintball gun.

I own n00bs with my ub3r 1337 plastic airsoft wanna be gun
by Worrlock June 30, 2006
Game for 12 year olds that buy 11 dollar guns from the Chinese guy at the flea market. The other market is old fat angry men that like giving orders to their squadren members.

The markers are unnecessarily large and heavy just so they give these 30-year-old kids a feeling of power.

They would be better off using real guns.
Person A: Hey dude, want to play Airsoft in a little bit?
Person B: *Slurp* *Slurp* Yeah, when I'm done *Slurp*

Person A: I need a LASER sight because I can't aim for shit. This defeats half the purpose, but still.

Person A: Alpha follow Charlie. Bravo attack the rear. Foxtrot, beat off Delta.

by PBNation December 13, 2005
another word for male genitals
ahh she kicked me right in the airsoft rifle
by anonoymous726389 October 19, 2004
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