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A game where opposing teams use either electric, gas, or spring powered replicas of real guns, to propel a small diameter ball-bearing(BB) at the opposing team. These replicas use varied weight bbs as ammunition, with each weight giving a different effect on the range, speed, and accuracy of the shot. The replicas can be upgraded by opening it up, and changeing various parts in order to achieve the effect desired. Most fields have an FPS limit, usually 400fps for automatic and semi-automatic firing replicas, and 550fps for single-shot bolt action rifles.
Most replicas used on field are either Gas powered or electric powered.
The electric powered ones use a battery that runs a motor, that turns a set of gears, which in turn cranks back a spring, which pulls back on a piston , which then raises the amount of air in the cylinder, which is all released at once raising the pressure behind the bb in the chamber which propels the bb down the barrel, all at the pull of the trigger. The gas replicas use ozone-friendly HFC-134a(weakest) or HFC22(strongest) to propel the bb down the barrel. The gas is stored in a resivior in the magazine(ammo storage) of the replica. Spring powered replicas use manual cocking of the piston in order to raise the amount of air in the cylinder behind the bb which is all released at once, raising the amount of air pressure behind the bb propeling it foward and down the barrel.
Military style tactics and dress are often used to the advantage of the player, which is why this game is often reffered to as "Mil-Sim(military simulation). The electric powered replicas are often modeled after real rifles and submachine-guns. The Gas powered replicas are oftern modeled after handguns and small submachineguns. And the spring powered replicas are modeled after a wide varity of real weapons, due to the simplicity of thier design.
The sport was oringinated in Japan, then quickly adopted in the US as an alternative to paintball. Airsoft has a relatively small following of people as opposed to the millions who play paintball, mostly due to the fact that paintball is more "user-friendly" due to the fact that most paintball guns look nothing like real guns, unlike airsoft. Airsoft requires a great deal of responsibility, due to the fact that if you are seen in public with these replicas, you could be arrested or even shot at.
Now stop using this dictionary as a forum, and flame each other somewhere else.
by matt August 23, 2003
Airsoft Is like paintball in many ways. Airsoft is usually slower paced game based off of Tactics, Ops, and Mil-Sim/Reenactments. When paintball is more fast paced. Yes Paintball hurts more and is easy to identify when hit while Airsoft uses an"Honor System".They sports differ in many ways but both have their own ups and downs.

Airsoft Pros:Can fire 6MM Paintballs, Major weapon Variety, Customizable and realistic guns, More realistic weight, A more Honorable Game.

PaintBall Pros: More identifiable hits, Faster Paced, Fires bigger rounds and hurts more.

Airsoft Cons:Slow Paced(Usually), You must have honor or threaten being kicked from game, Small rounds which can stray off, Constant Political votes to banish the sport.

Paintball Cons: Non realistic guns, Big ass Ammo Resevoir blocking your sight,No big weapon variety (Example Shotgunner, Machine gunner etc.) weapon classes Besides Assault and Long Range).

So overall both sports are better in their own ways and whoever is stupid enough to argue which is better has no life and is willing to waste whatever fragment of one he has arguing about it...Is a major Dumbass
Ignorant bastard: Airsoft is a pussies sport

Standard Airsofter: Have you even tried it?
by Centurion A3 March 09, 2012
air soft guns are realistic looking guns that shoot 6mm plastic bbs and some are replicas
my air soft gun is am M4 and a G36C
by trustfulfuture September 15, 2009
Airsoft is a military simulation game. It involves dressing in military or law enforcement gear and usually camouflage and shooting members of the opposing teams with plastic or bio-degradeable BBs (meaning Ball-Bearings) fired from airsoft guns. Airsoft guns are usually 1:1 replica firearms that function externally in similar ways. Airsoft guns are usually powered by gas, a battery which runs a motor, or just a spring. Guns run by spring power are usually called "springers" and looked down upon by every real airsofter. They are usually purchased for tweenage children who don't know any better, or whose parents don't know any better. Airsoft is often compared to paintball, which makes no sense because they are two very different games which attract different people who are looking for different things to do. Airsoft also incorporates the use of real military and law enforcement tactics, and games can get very intense. It is an honor based game, meaning if you feel yourself get hit with a BB, or even suspect it, you need to call yourself out. The majority of players do this, though a small minority decide that they are invincible and never call their hits which ruins the fun for everyone else. All in all, if you are willing to spend a lot of money on a hobby, you should give airsoft a try. You just might love it.
Lets go play airsoft this weekend! I got a new gun!
by The Very Merry Crusader January 12, 2015
A hobby in which players wear military-style uniforms (sometimes this is not true) and wield realistic replicas of military weaponry. Essentially, it's non-lethal military warfare. Airsofting is all about realism, tactics, fun and awesome.

There's a few common misconceptions about airsoft. For one, it is not a game for 12 year olds, though I will admit, they often give all of us other players a bad name. It is not better or worse than paintball because it can't be statistically proven that one is better than the other; they're so different that you just can't say one is better. Besides, that's all a matter of opinion. Third, some paintballers may call airsofters wusses, but how many times can you say that a paintball has made you bleed? Sure, airsoft guns often don't, but you can still feel them when they hit you. Also, how much they hurt differs from person to person, and what gun the shooter is using. Some will hurt more than others. All of the BBs are the same size, but some of them are a different weight. They can be as light as .12 grams or as heavy as .25 grams; each weight producing different results in accuracy, speed and overall performance.

Note: Airsoft has a number of additional equipment, including landmines, grenades and plastic knives. As far as I know, paintball does not have any of these.
Airsofting often incorporates skill, tactics and teamwork.

Paintballing may apply these... very loosely that is.
by L96 of pain May 22, 2011
Airsoft is a game played by people from all walks of life, contrary to popular belief that it's only played by people who can't join the military but would like to. Time to debunk some myths!

Myth: BB's don't hurt

Truth: This is opinion, to me they don't hurt that bad, to other people, they hurt like a bitch, it's all about pain tolerance.

Myth: Only older people and military obsessed nerds play airsoft!

Truth: Also not true, Me, being 15, and having no desire to join the military play with mostly kids my age with the same opinions.

Myth: Airsoft is cheap and the guns are unreliable!

Truth: Compared to Paintball, Airsoft IS relatively cheap, BUT the guns are everything but unreliable, unless you're buying from Wal-mart. A good gun will run you about $100-200, a sidearm will go about $25-40 and BB's are about $5 for 10,000 of them.

Airsoft guns also fire on average about 350 FPS, that's alot for a little plastic pellet, one of my buddies once started bleeding from being shot with an Airsoft sniper.
"Airsofter: Wanna play some Airsoft?"

"Airsoft hater: Airsoft sucks, it's for pussies who can't join the military, Go suck a dick!"

"Airsofter, to a more reasonable and rational human being: Wanna play some Airsoft?"

"Rational Human being: "Sure, it sounds fun!"
by Eggsnham December 01, 2009
A sport in which more mature fuckers play with fucking bb guns that fire frone auto to bolt action. U play by honors and not by annoying paint.
Takes more maturity to play airsoft than paintball!
by Jipper August 22, 2003
Airsofting is better than paintballing in every way! It has more realistic guns that aren't bright and fruity. It is actually realistic warfare, not just you peeking around a corner and letting your gun shoot 16 balls a second at a blow up barrier. Airsofting is also CHEAPER than Paintballing and at times it can also hurt more. You don't bleed from paintballing, but when you airsoft you bleed, and you bruise. I have gotten airsoft welts bigger than paintball welts and i have also bleed from my forehead all the way down to my chin. My friend broke his finger shooting at it point blank, no lie.

Paintballs=295 FPS
Airsoft=400 FPS

"Hey man wanna go airsofting?"
"Hell yeah man, except last time i went i was bleeding all over my face, now people think i have a bad case of Acne."
"Yeah man Timmy's HK416 is LETHAL!"
by XYZ?!?! February 29, 2008
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