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Transportation Security Administration (TSA) full-body scanning machine. Of course, if you're hard-up and things did not go well in the airport bathroom glory-hole, you might want to pass on this machine and head straight for the full-body rub (minus happy ending unless you have a great imagination and are 'quick')--aka security 'pat-down.'
Well, I'm at the airport heading for the gate. I took off my shoes, loosened my belt, un-buttoned my shirt and left my underwear at home. Instead of a security pat-down, I am going through the scanner, lovingly referred to as the 'airporn booth,' or 'airporn cube.' Hopefully TSA officers won't detain me after they see my naked junk in the airporn booth, thinking I have two round pieces of C-4 taped to a stick of dynamite!! LOL
by Ignatz Sassafras November 23, 2010
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