airplane is a hilarious movie that cannot be taken seriously. Its a classic movie even though its children offspring (airplane 2 and 3) were failures. if you haven't seen this movie... WATCH IT!!!
line from the movie airplane:

DOCTOR: what did the passengers eat for dinner?
ATTENDANT: Well they had a choice, either steak or fish.
DOCTOR: Oh yes now I remember I had lasagna.
by darkshadow29 May 07, 2010
performed during doggie style sex when the male partner reaches forward, grabbing the woman's arms and extending them outward, steering her back and forth like an airplane; it is often accompanied by jet noises. The airplane can sometimes lead to the maneuver known as the "terrorist", which is performed by the man simply letting go of said partner's arms.
"Rachel can't play racquetball with us today, her arms are too sore from the airplane"
by tommy anderson October 01, 2007
Also referred to as "The Airplane"

While playing Foosball and one side gets shut out, the losing side must:

1. spread their arms to their side.
2. yell "airplane" while running around the entire room.
Nate and Kevin had to do the airplane twice last night.
by Mr. Foosball March 23, 2010
A vehicle that is better than a woman in every way possible.
It also goes fast and is the safest vehicle statistically.
I had to choose between the wife and an airplane I found the airplane to be cheaper.

I'm glad I have an airplane it never complains like the girlfriend.
by pilotkajad November 10, 2008
More cost effective than cars, they are the conveyance of choice of the Jeffs
Jeff: I don't even need a car anyway, they're too expensive

Ned: Then how will you get to work to get money for Star Wars Cards?

Jeff: I don't need a car, I can get an airplane, they are actually cheaper in the long run.
by Nexus December 02, 2004
When a man is elevated above a woman normally ontop of a bookshelf or a locker or even a building. The man jumps off and lands perfectly in the womans vag.
I was up all night doing the airplane...only worked a few times.
by Airplane October 04, 2007
Describes the status of the tyres on your vehicle when really worn down and have no grip left on them.
Jill: My car seems to handle like shit when the roads are wet.
Jack: Thats cos you have been using airplane tyres on your car for 8 years; they have air on the inside and are plain on the outside.
by saloomie August 17, 2010
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