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To stab someone, usually with a shank. Also called "A-hole"
"I'm gonna airhole that guard on Block D"
by Ross Purvis August 14, 2003
Usually done in prison with a sharp object, to kill someone by puncturing them with many holes.
Airhole: Tommy went into protective custody in prison after he snitched, he would've gotten airholed in gen pop within five minutes otherwise.
#kill #murder #shank #burn #bang
by thehateman October 31, 2009
Its an elevation from "Airtard' a person with no sense of how to act on an airline. You move from 'airtard' to 'airhole' when you refuse to take direction of fellow travelers who are just trying to travel point A to B with the minimum amount of hassle as quickly as possible.
That 'airtard' tried to board before it was his turn, now he refuses to move after he was suggested that he go to the back of the line- what an 'Airhole'!
#asshole #travel #planes #flights #traveler
by SkynSea April 27, 2009
Euphemism for asshole, frequently used by conservative talk show host Dick Farrel on WPBR talk radio in West Palm Beach, Florida. Also used at times in South Florida Radio News with credit to Farrel.
Those people are real airholes.
by David Citron July 15, 2005
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