Someone who talks so much no one else can speak and if they try their told to shut up.
My sister talks so much I call her an airbag.
by Silent. May 18, 2013
When a female is on top and farts on a guys nuts.
Oh man, my girlfriend airbagged me last night.
by elainem June 19, 2009
Here for your safety.
Air bag saved me!
by Air bag January 24, 2009
Flatulating while giving a tea bag.
Man, I almost lost the gamble while givin' her the air bag.
by Reverend James T. Hatt July 19, 2006
Fake, silicon, saline or otherwise augmented breasts.
Are those tits original equipment, or did she have air bags installed after market.
by DVF May 20, 2005
He really hit those airbags last night, man
by Wow, just wow March 24, 2011
when a girl is giving a handjob, just before the guy cums, he slaps her in the back of the head and then punches her in the face, simulataneously ejaculating onto her shocked face- simulating stick-shift, whiplash, airbag, and white residue
i hit her with an airbag last night- gigity
by kmizzle May 22, 2007

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