To literally talk to the air, when the person you were talking to disconnects from either the internet or cellphone on purpose or is dropped via their provider.
I spent more time air talking, because Kez freaking DC's so much dammit!
by adelews June 11, 2007
Top Definition
To continue to speak to someone when they are either disconected from the internet or cell phone. To speak to the air.
Dammit Kez disconnects so much I spend more time air talking then I do talking to him!
by adelews June 11, 2007
Continuing to speak to someone who is no longer logged on to whatever online vehicle you were both engaged in.
Example: On MMORPG when you are in a guild or have buddy chat enabled and someone logs on you get a window warning indicating that that person now exists in your cyber reality it gives no warning whatsoever when the person DC's or disconnects and you often continue talking to and idiot...hence the "Air Talking"
by adelews June 06, 2007
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