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(n) fart occurring immediately prior to pooping; the smell of
which is categorically more rank than a typical fart.

(v) to perform such an act, often for dramatic effect.
I just air pooped over by the sink, so you might want to avoid the kitchen for a while.
by el chocolate September 20, 2009
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A really bad fart that smells like poop but no poop is present. Sometimes followed by poop sweats and then the poop chills.
Dude did you just poop your pants!?!?

No, I've just got the air poops which means I better find a bathroom soon! Pooping is my priority right now!
by daaangdude January 06, 2012
by screw u July 14, 2003
a fart. Or flatulent behavior.
It's like..."Uh oh, air-poop!"
by Bosco P. Coltrane May 22, 2008

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