A procedure in which people imitate a guitar - playing situation (with no actual guitar) to a popular song which makes them look retarded beyond all recognition. usually most common with guys who are into metal/rock music and have no friends.
"He was playing the Air Guitar again." - Guy1
"God Dammit!" - Guy2
by Javvino October 11, 2014
For people that try to hard to be cool.
P1: "Hey man, check out my air guitar skillz with a 'z'!"
P2: "No man, you suck... you suck man titties."
by dixintha March 26, 2008
The act of playing an imaginary guitar usually whist u are under the effects of alchohol leading to you thinking u look great when u actually look more like you are playing the invisible banjo
Man look at that twat playing air guitar
by DANNYBOY March 06, 2004
1. The act of pretending to play the guitar using only hands and the surrounding air.

2. Masturbation.
1. I can play some mad air guitar!

2. Kid 1: She totally didn't put out.
Kid 2: No worries, just go home and play some air guitar.
by Bobbbbbbby September 12, 2006
Air Guitar = Masturbation
Matthew: Stewart Stop air guitaring.
Stewart: IM cracking out a proper good solo:D
by Pooart March 02, 2009

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