The act of having sex without a partner present, like playing guitar without a guitar.

The reasons for starting an air fuck vary, common triggers are boredom, horniness and frustration.

Normally performed manually with some external stimulation like for example:

- pictures/video of sexual acts you would rather be performing but don't have an available or willing partner for.
- Pictures/video of a person you would like to have sex with but will most likely never meet (and if you did it wouldn't happen anyway).

- Footage of your favourite animal in compromising positions.
- etc. etc.

Note: Females have the ability to perform the air fuck without the need for these visual stimuli by conjuring up pleasing images and fantasies in their minds, men lack this gift.
For lack of a suitable receptacle I airfucked.
by Bob vanWinkel August 11, 2009
Top Definition
A thrusting motion in the pelvic area performed by a male without female nor pillow below him
Good god i heard Peaches air fucked naked on all fours in front of those girls, have him no shame?
by Mathias September 08, 2004
When a guy/girl is dancing with you very sexually, mimiking movements when having sex.
This is followed by moaning and repeating words such as "oh yehh","yeh baby".
i was at a club the other day and this guy started air fucking me on the dance floor!
by hectichick May 25, 2010
A Airfuck is a person who is acting creepy and is being annoying at the same time,The word comes from the words "Air head" and "Fucker" and when those two words are combined you get the result of "Airfuck"
Person one: I dont know what was wrong with My sister last night,She randomly walked in my room and started hitting me while i was trying to play my Xbox 360,I told her 3 times to stop

Person two: Wow,she is an Airfuck

Person one: You aint kidding
by xBioBloodx August 29, 2009
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