When an individual farts in another individuals face. Usually accompanied by another, holding the victim down.Usually done while one is sleeping.
Last night you got Air Biscuited like 5000 times!
by THomas Joy January 06, 2007
Top Definition
n.1 A fart or guff that is so potent as to have a tangible quality. A butt berp that has a physical presence, and as such have space made for it.

Air biscuits may be ‘launched’ (2), ‘dropped’, ‘pushed out’, ‘chucked’ etc.
1. ‘Fucking hell, I could pluck that right out the air and dip it my tea’

2. ‘I hate to tell you this, but I’ve just launched an air biscuit’
by G-Dog April 06, 2005
A fart not loud enough to hear but thick enough to chew.
Much worse than the dreaded SBD, an Air Biscuit will follow you, get in your clothes or even linger in the seat cushions. The taste you get from walking into one is like eating smelly cheese while breathing propane. They are not gender or genetic specific. A dog can wreak havoc as well as any human.
by Creepnjeep September 07, 2009
A polite warning that flatulent expellations have been released in the general vicinity. (See: Oops I crapped my pants)
"Look out for that air biscuit" or " Don't bite that air bisicuit" or simply the emphatic "air biscuit" upon expellation. A notably rank or stale air biscuit is often referred to as a Whisker biscuit as in "that's no air biscuit, that's a whisker biscuit" or "whiskey" biscuit.
by CyberDruid January 31, 2006
A fart. A smelly nasty smell caused by gastrointestinal ejection of gas.
Did you drop that airbiscuit or did you shit your pants?
by pkjones_homie April 17, 2003
When you drop a deuce in the air. When you do a fart so strong that other people feel as though they are eating poop.
Oh man I'm eating chris' airbiscuit
by grimboj February 16, 2011
An air-biscuit is when you fart, catch it in your hand, then release into someone's face.
Lee loves to spraff for air-biscuits.
by sangajin January 09, 2007
to expell gas while deficating.
My stomach kinda hurt so i went to the bathroom and baked an air biscuit.
by poonhuntr August 16, 2003
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