O(squared) .. 22%oxygen 78%nitrogen.. simi-transparent gas found in the lower atmosphere. You breath it.
Alien: "Gah!, they have Air, this planet is totally uninhabitable"
by mad at the world February 27, 2003
another phrase to express someone getting 'murked' usually used by mc's when there makin a dub against another mc
that man got air on the roads!
by Mc Calibur May 31, 2005
When you want someone at work to go away, and look like an ass. you send them to supply to ask for a box of A I R. a box of air, or for you black guys, an empty box.
black guy no. 1: " yo, this stupid cracker just gave me a box of AIR fo free!"

black guy no. 2: " open it, nigga!"

black guy no. 1: "dumbass cracker forgot to put it in here!"
by not beer May 22, 2013
To get embarrassed or called out in public.
Ill air your ass out on T.V.
by 49thAce November 23, 2005
An Annoying Ignorant Redneck
That man wearing the camo pants and Tapout shirt must be an A.I.R
by MrSebass April 08, 2011
How high you are when you jump.
"Whoa dude, you got some massive air!"
by Rofflez the Clown June 27, 2004
corny, wack, dull; not interesting
That movie i saw yesterday was air.
by B. Wilson November 25, 2003
Acts of Indisputable Racism
You aren't actually living unless you have AIR.
by K00l Kids Klub February 03, 2011
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