O(squared) .. 22%oxygen 78%nitrogen.. simi-transparent gas found in the lower atmosphere. You breath it.
Alien: "Gah!, they have Air, this planet is totally uninhabitable"
by mad at the world February 27, 2003
Verb: To be dismissed, blanked or ignored in an aloof or haughty manner.
The next time I saw Britney, she totally aired me man.
by Veghead September 17, 2005
In reference to a jumpshot in basketball, to make no contact whatsoever with the rim, net, or even backboard.

Antonym of 'nothing but net'
Man be acting like he gonna drop thirty on us, but his first shot was nothing but air
by Your mother March 12, 2005
The stuff you breathe in your lungs!
You're breathing air right now, unless you're dead!
by they call me dragonslayer February 07, 2009
Air: A nutritional substance provide by providence for the fatting of the poor
He eats air and nothing else
by Funvill August 18, 2005
AIR is the second game made my Key games. A Dating sim, or an H-game, many people says this was better than it's predecessor Kanon, mainly for its focused storyline on relationships and not on romantic love or sex.

Also a 12 episode anime series starting in January 2005.
Have you watched AIR episode 1 today?
by Maceart January 09, 2005
Adolescence In Red, the title track from Anthrax's 3rd album 'Spreading The Disease'.
I love that 'Thrax song A.I.R., but I don't know what the funk 'Adolescence In Red' means.
by Damdam April 22, 2006
Aura, vibe, any frequency someone gives off
I tend to give off the air of someone who uses drugs. I think it has to do with the poncho I wear on weekends.
by Harry Setatestyz January 31, 2011
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