O(squared) .. 22%oxygen 78%nitrogen.. simi-transparent gas found in the lower atmosphere. You breath it.
Alien: "Gah!, they have Air, this planet is totally uninhabitable"
by mad at the world February 27, 2003
slang for air conditioning
Hey, it's hot out. Let's put on the air.
#air conditioning #hot #sun #summer #heat
by bmanlio July 14, 2006
Commonly used in coastal Georgia to describe marijuana that has no effects because of it's poor quality.
"Hey man, how was that dime you bought from Tony?"
"Fuckin' air, dude."
"It was like smoking nothing."
#air #weed #marijuana #pot #bud
by QueDOGG May 21, 2010
cheap ass shoes from pay-less
that bitch has sume ugly airs.
by pike rules February 06, 2004
A.I.R. is the first song on the heavy metal band Anthrax's second album Spreading The Disease. It simply stands for Adolescents In Red.
A.I.R. is a weird name, but its a good song
#adolescents #in #red #anthrax #a.i.r
by tyrehd September 07, 2009
An arbic word for dick or fuck
piss off you bloody air
by Rickyd July 29, 2005
A peculiar or characteristic impression; an aura.
Personal bearing, appearance, or manner; mien.
airs An affected, often haughty pose; affectation.
affected manners intended to impress others
"don't put on airs with me"
#aura #impression #fake #fake bitch #manner
by next1up September 29, 2005
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