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When you are too lazy to take a dump, so you carefully fart it out until you don't have to go so badly.
After seventeen hours playing World of Warcraft, Joe had to take a crap bad. But because he was on a raid, he settled for air pooping.
by Tern September 05, 2008
When while taking a poop, a miniture turd falls out, followed by an immense amount of air (or fartage). This process of turd, then air, turd, then air is a constant pattern until the pooping ceases.
Man, I just had the longest air pooping of my life. I would have had enough air to air up a hot air balloon!
by Unicorn&LadyBug November 11, 2010
John won't stop air pooping. He's stinking up the room with his damn farts.
by Nem13 September 02, 2010

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