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When a girl is laying on the bed naked with her mouth wide open, and you jump all the way from the doorway and slam-dunk your balls in her mouth and you say "Air Jordan, bitch!"
Man, last night I brought that dirtleg home, and I said hey, just lay there on the bed with your mouth open, and she said why? And I was like you'll see, just do it. so she did and I pulled a fucking Air Jordan.
by the bombastic blumptastic April 29, 2003
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When you have to take a poop standing
uh-oh! there is poop on the toilet seat. Looks like I will have to Air Jordan this one.
by handleslice899 June 02, 2015
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An over priced pair of shoes made by Asian kids and sold to ghetto trash and wanna-be ghetto trash in the US and elsewhere. Typically purchased by people who can't remotely afford them and so are willing to make sacrifices (such as not feeding their kids, selling food stamps, etc.) to obtain them.

The possession of such footwear instills false feelings of superiority to those who don't have them, self worth, attractiveness and popularity. In all reality though, everyone knows the truth- you're just a moron who spent $180+ on a pair of shoes that you can't afford. The possession of these shoes has one annoying draw back- next month there is a new pair coming out that said moron has to get because the pair they just bought are now considered to be old.
Brian: Shi'thead over there just bought those new Air Jordans.

Bob: Ah, no wonder his kids are begging for food in the streets.

Brian: They're already considered to be old. A new pair is coming out in two weeks so the whole miserable process will repeat itself here shortly.
by Chester B. Arthur May 31, 2009
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Ugly, overpriced footwear that take $10 to make in buttfuck nowhere, SE Asia and typically go for $150 to $180 in the US. Owners are typically braindead ghettomonkies and mouthbreathing skaters who are still obsessed with Micheal Jordan despite the fact that he retired over a decade ago.

They have become something of a poor man's status symbol as the only people who buy them are people who can't afford them.

Whenever new models come out, go to the nearest mall. I swear it looks like the Rodney King riots.
Tyrone is charged with 1st degree murder for beating someone to death for taking the last pair of new Air Jordans.
by vT3x January 17, 2012
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A dense, lingering fart that stays afloat punishing anyone on its path.
I just Air Jordan'd myself
That was quite the Air Jordan
That Air Jordan stinks!
He just Air Jordan'd under the covers and pushed my head in there.
by Colonel Kurtz Ph.D May 15, 2009
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when niggers can fly
air jordan is a big nigger
by faggot April 15, 2005
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The terms "air" and "jordans" when used in a sentence together are used to describe a pair or several pairs of the line of Michael Jordan Signature Footwear marketed by Nike. The Jordan line-up of shoes are usually expensive and represent taste. Nike began with the Air Jordan I shoe model in 1985 and, due to its success, came up with a new design the Air Jordan II. This process is still being continued today and now we have the Air Jordan XX model, which was released in 2005 with a retail price of: $175 USD
Sheeahhh man where you dun stole dem air jordans!?
by 31337 1 May 09, 2006
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