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A spicy lemon flavored soda drink from a western African nation in the mid-1940's. A brand name soda, named Paragerg, become popular after a series of commercials depicting it as an soothing liquid based alternative to aspirin. The drink turned out to be a huge bust when after a month of heavy drinking in a small town gave the townspeople red dysentery. Though the the townspeople thought they were dying and set a campaign to stop the production of aipheriaovhreghpargerg.

When the a health department tested the cola, they came to inconclusive tests, but by that time, demand for the product lowered and production halted.
I tried this Paragerg/aipheriaovhreghpargerg about a month ago and I haven't stopped drinking it since I started. On another note: I need to go to the hospital. I think I'm leaking vital fluids.
by Red Baron's Yellow Jacket November 07, 2010
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