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Acronym - All in (AI) Preflop (PF) AA (pocket aces) v (versus) KK (pocket kings) GG (good game)

In poker, usually an unavoidable situation, you are lucky enough to be dealt AA versus another players KK and it holds, you usually win a monster pot.
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to REDEYE225 Ac Ad
REDEYE225: bets 1500
stanki1: calls 1500
*** FLOP *** Qd 7h 6h
*** TURN *** Qd 7h 6h 9h
*** RIVER *** Qd 7h 6h 9h 5d
*** SHOW DOWN ***
stanki1: shows Kd Kc (a pair of Kings)
REDEYE225: shows Ac Ad (a pair of Aces)
REDEYE225 collected 3030 from main pot
stanki1: obv
REDEYE225: aipfaavkkgg.
#poker #pocket aces #pocket kings #cooler #obv
by Cds July 24, 2009
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