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War is Peace.
Freedom is Slavery.
Ignorance is Truth.

Thats what my freind told me.
big brother is watching you.
by julio July 25, 2004
A secret society. No one knows its begginings, or ends for that matter. Its motivations and members are also unkown. Often uses the lowercase alpha letter as their symbol on documents. Rumor has it that YLZ Industries is actually the corporate facade for the secret society, but then again rumor os generally wrong. Most likely the corporation was just caught up in the web of confusion the society spins to mask all its actions. Try and pull the string to see just how far it goes... and generally it will be snipped off.
P.0: I hear that the Aion Society is just bullshit,
A: Maybe, I dunno what to think. Im just mindless hoi polloi.
P.0: Open your mind.
by jonathan carter-walker July 25, 2004
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