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an anime character from the ever popular anime series "Video Girl Ai". the word "Ai" in Japanese means love. Also refers to a well-known female resident of who automatically punch/kick/beam anyone who calls out or mentioned her name in the channel.
10:25 * zulgaban huggles ai-chan
10:25 <01+01ai-chan> 4Tsukasa punch~!14 12( - -)^*( >_<) 14<- zulgaban  #670
by zulgaban November 09, 2007
name of a creature living on an island in hawaii. eats only kim chee and is a Disney fanatic. only work out it does is ballet. picks its nose when no one is looking. then smears it on the wall. antonym of a bibo.
what's that smell? ew. its aichan!
by moo June 30, 2004
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