Abbreviation of 'Asian Invasion' which is used to describe a gang of people whom all share the same Asian descent. The term can also be used for 'African Invasion' too. It can be seen as derrogatory and racist if said by someone who isn't of an Asian/African descent.
Oh look, here come to AI!
by MKY1701 January 09, 2009
To severely shake an object, usually to create an annoying repetetive sound, which is done to show anger or frustration towards the object or towards a person.
It is an onomatopoeia of the noise that a grey mail storage box (commonly found on the urban streets of the UK) makes when rocked back and fourth.
"Don't make me ai you out!"
"I've been keeping the old women awake by giving their gate an ai"
by NigelNeg June 14, 2008
Allen Iverson's initials.
Have you seen AI's new reboks?
by Kenz November 26, 2003
Average Indian

the non ABCD non FOB group. They fit in with everyone.
Sulekha Ranjani can make a ten course Indian meal while wearing a sequined tube top and low rise jeans. She is an A.I.
by desigirl1234 July 16, 2009
This is where a blonde girl dyes her hair brown.
"Look jane, I'm clever again!"

"Sophie, you're meant to wash the dye out..."
by THe Holy Nazi. February 13, 2004
Anal Insert
Mommy, can I buy that AI? I think it should plug up quiet nicely up Bill's Bum.
by Luigi May 19, 2004
If Iverson is the answer, the question is who can't win a championship.

Iverson is an overrated NBA basketball player. He got schooled in the 2001 NBA Finals by Kobe and the Lakers. The only teammate he has ever gelled with is fellow choker Chris Webber.
Man did you see AI against the Lakers last night?
- Yeah, dude, he choked almost as bad as Chris Webber in the playoffs.
by Troy Aikman January 30, 2007

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