awkward isolation. when people are too alone and awkward to do anything with anyone. usually it involves a strange addiction that don't involve people like video games, movies, tv shows ect.

people that USE to be normal but took up some antisocial activity and became alone and awkward with no friends.
shes waaaay too AI to come to a party. we'll be ruined with her awkwardness.
by scilent but deadly. October 22, 2009
initials of NBA all-star guard Allen Iverson.
Oh dang y'all, AI just dropped fitty!
by Snoop Dezzy Dawg October 17, 2003
Opposite of "ain't".
Dick, is "ain't" in the dictionary?

Yes, Jane, it ai.
by Milt Alwin May 09, 2009
Sound that a sloth makes when he sees that he only has three (3) toes!
"Ai",climbing down from this tree I see I only have 3 toes! No wonder I move so slowly and it takes so long!
by RJRSTL March 06, 2008
Assisstant Instructor

A person who is teaching and studying at the same time, meaning bearing the brunt of both sides and survives on a more meager pay than a teacher.

Be thankful to your AI since he has to take shit from you and his professors.
by Ashwini September 13, 2007
its not just Juelz santana saying it for the heck of it. it's meaning "oh" . a Latin American or even Filipino way to say "oh"
"ai! where is he????"
by filaPINAcolada November 23, 2006

An acronym standing for "Asian Invasion", generally used in the presence of orientals who are trying to play sports though fail miserably.
Speaker 1: Dude this ski mountain is packed with snowplowing Asians.

(then as they get on the lift next to an oriental man)

Speaker 2: No kidding, its the A.I.

(this acronym is generally used in the presence of an Asian party since the meaning is not widely known, which makes it much funnier)
by me232231 February 06, 2009
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