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Commonly used in Australia. It is usually tacked on to the end of sentences to finalize what you are saying to someone. It is often used for no reason at all. It's apparently more commonly used by Queenslanders.

Pronounced like Ay or simply the letter A.
Aussie 1: Throw us a beer mate?
Aussie 2: No worries ai!

Aussie 1: Did you watch Bathurst this weekend?
Aussie 2: Yeah Whincup is fucking good ai!
by beansyy July 07, 2013
An exclamation, often one of shock or surprise. Not to be confused with AI, aye, or ai, the Chinese word for love.

Probably originates from the Lord of the Rings fandom, where it is sometimes used by elves.
Person 1: My dog was poisoned.
Person 2: Ai!

Ai, that hurt!

Ai, this is bad.
by GuessWho????????? June 04, 2011
see: Anno Internetum
2010 is 16 AI. 1 AI was 1995.
by digdigger June 22, 2010
awkward isolation. when people are too alone and awkward to do anything with anyone. usually it involves a strange addiction that don't involve people like video games, movies, tv shows ect.

people that USE to be normal but took up some antisocial activity and became alone and awkward with no friends.
shes waaaay too AI to come to a party. we'll be ruined with her awkwardness.
by scilent but deadly. October 22, 2009
A.I. are the initials and nickname of professional basketball player Allen Iverson. AI plays for the denver nuggets, and he and Melo (Carmelo Anthony) are the team's best players.
A.I. is a better SG than PG.
by Suns Lover 13 June 18, 2008
Short for Arcade Infinity, located in Rowland Heights, Southern California. considered one of the best arcades in the U.S.
All us SVGL'ers get is IIDX 9th Style. Those AI asswipes get IIDX, ParaParaParadise, and Pop'n Music. Grr...
by dj gs68 October 11, 2003
NickName of the Philly 76's star shooting guard Allen Iverson. An all-star player.
A hot ass balla'!!
Mad street cred.
"Kobe ain't got no street cred! that foo from Italy!! Now AI, that is cred- Rasheed, that i cred... Kobe is just another white boy!"
by Jenni April 05, 2004