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Back in 2001, the Discovery Channel ran an advertisement where two people dressed up as meteors and discussed what they learned on the Discovery.com web site using intentionally bad acting. The commercial was pretty amusing.
Meteor A: Hello meteor.
Meteor B: Hello meteor.
Meteor A: Have you heard about the web site called Discovery.com?
Meteor B: Discovery.com is my guidebook for life. I learned how to plant an herb garden, train my dog, and cure my dandruff.
Meteor A: I learned that most meteors burn up in earth's atmostphere . . . Ahh the atmosphere. Ahhh!
Meteor B: Ahh the atmosphere. Ahhhhh . . .
by Bob Cobb April 26, 2006

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Derived from primitive colloquial talk used to describe an event of extreme, utterly, and the upmost chaos.

Can also be used to yell repetitively and obnoxiously to annoy people just for fun.
1.(While playing halo you get a sticky grenade stuck on your forehead and you blow up, your body flying across the map)
you reply: "Ahh the atmosphere"

2. as used with the latter definition: "ahh the atmosphere, ahh the atmosphere, ahh the atmosphere, ahh the atmosphere, ahh the atmosphere, ahh the atmosphere!"
by You're a big fine steamroller February 15, 2005