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one of the former natives of S. America, a man-beast who is homosexually and erotically addicted to hydro
Hey Ahdel, pass me the bong-lets load it with more dro.
by Anonymous February 18, 2003
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A Mofoing badass.
All bow down to ahdel.
by Anonymous February 18, 2003
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A persian name that means a heartless bitch with the capacity to inflict emotional and mental damage to another with his offensive and disgusting attitude. also, a cheap asshole that only cares about himself with no regards to others feelings.

- a persian word; a fag with the capacity to show affection to others to that of a coackroach
-I will neveer ever want to cross paths with ahdel ever again ; i'd rather jump off the highest mountain.
- oh man, that douchebag was a total ahdel; that stupid freak homo insulted me in public.
by sum1whodislikesu February 16, 2011
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to pack in another mans fudge
omg Ahdel stop trying to ahdel that man.
by justin February 17, 2003
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