An atheist who is too pussy to admit it
Chance refers to himself as agnostic because he is afraid that if there is a God, he will be sent to hell.
by XxjohnnyxXxramonexX April 07, 2010
agnostic (àg-nòs´tîk) noun:

an atheist trying to hedge his bet.
He's an agnostic. He doesn't know if there is a god, but he's trying to cover his bet.
by skyweeder October 10, 2009
Someone who doesn't believe in God, but will start believing if he is ever proven real.. They believe nobody can prove God's existance, therefore creating insurance that they'll never be wrong.
Agnostic: prove that the universe wasn't created by a fat black transvestite in 1997!!

Scientist: uhh...
by Phil the Pill September 05, 2006
1. An intellectually sound position on a given idea (or thing, or subject, etc.) for which evidence for it's existence is insufficient.

2. The intellectually sound qualifier that most people who understand the meaning of the word put at the beginning of their given religious classification.

3. An atheist who doesn't like the word "atheist".

4. An atheist who thinks the definition of "atheist" is one who claims to know there are no gods.

5. An atheist who doesn't know that the definition of "atheist" is one who does not believe in any gods.

6. A word fought over by all manner of agnostics, atheists and Theists; meaningless minutia.
1. "I'm agnostic on the Higgs boson particle."

2. "I'm an agnostic Jew (or atheist, or Christian, or Hindu, etc.) because I don't know for a fact that god/s exist, and even if I did, I would still not necessarily know the nature of said potential god/s."

3. Professor Bart D. Ehrman.

4. George Carlin, deceased; Bill Maher.

5. most agnostics

6. the other 5 definitions
by Beery Swine December 21, 2008
1. An atheist who decided that since the word "atheist" tends to make religious people uncomfortable, they should go by something else. Much like how a someone who is passing in the 1930s would go by "white".
2. Somebody who can't decide whether there is a deific force. Generally caused by not giving a shit.
3. The person who has the position of "it's just as valid a position to say that the sun will rise in the west tomorrow as it is that it will rise in the east," only replace "the sun will rise in the west tomorrow" with "magical sky pixies exist" and "it will rise in the east" with "they don't." Widely reviled by most other people. A beloved theological position of solipsists, relativists and other irrationalists.
1. "I never knew any atheists, just agnostics."
2. Many people just don't give enough of a shit to stop being agnostic.
3. Ugh, this agnostic guy keeps butting in on arguments about the existence of a deity by saying "it's just as plausible that there's an invisible leprechaun who can't be proven as there not being an invisible leprechaun that can't be proven, so don't argue that believing in an unproven invisible leprechaun is stupid."
by Elijah Davis January 17, 2008
someone who doesn't believe in God but calls himself agnostic in case there actually is an afterlife and then when God asks him why he did not believe, he can simply say he was agnostic
God: "I'm sorry Johnny, we just don't have room up in Heaven for non-belivers."

Johnny: "But I was agnostic!"

God: "Pardon me, come right in."
by DK47 December 03, 2007
someone who believes in higher power. someone who believes that they can not prove or disprove the exsistince of god.

I am agnostic, I don't know what I belive in, but there is something out there.
by dgflfd January 07, 2006
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