An atheist who fears being hit by lightning.
He is agnostic, he isn't sure if god exists.
by TheOtherDrG April 12, 2011
A religion where the people that follow under it do not accept nor deny the existence of God or a greater being. Also who is tolerant of other people's religions.
I am an Agnostic, not a Christian, so I don't go to church, read the bible or believe in god.
by girlslovepink June 26, 2006
A person who is unsure whether they believe in a God.
Agnosticism - unsure if they believe in God.
Bobert: Hey Robert, do you believe in a God?
Robert: Hmm...should I be? I'm pretty Agnostic.
by (( ({>O<}) )) October 09, 2009
1. Someone who considers ancient texts to be on the same level of credibility as scientific research.

2. Someone who is fully aware of the abundance of evidence refuting the claims of religion, but couldn't care less about religious ideology ruining the world.

Atheist: "Stop crying. Not believing in something because of a lack of evidence is rational. Believing in something without evidence is irrational. Saying both sides of the argument are equal is both smug and stupid."
by PedroPierre December 16, 2010
An agnostic is someone who adopts Pascal's Wager as their "life philosophy".

Agnostics are to bible thumpers as mall goths are to yuppies.

Agnostics are to Atheists as something is to nothing.
by concernedmother April 03, 2009
A person really straddeling the fence between Theism and Atheism. One who struggles with the thought of having or not having a Soul. A person who would like to have undying proof that there is a Higher Being, afterlife with Pearly White Gates, and most of all, something to look forward to after this life. Until then, I will live this one as if there will not be anything after this.
I consider myself an Agnostic until someone Gives me proof, Show me the Devil, I don't care, because if he exist then GOD has to exist.
by Martyfoote August 29, 2006
According to Stephen Colbert, an agnostic person is just an atheist person with no balls.
For those without the balls to become an atheist, they become agnostic.
by Chinacan March 21, 2010
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