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according to Stephen Colbert in I Am America (So Can You) it's means you are an atheist without balls if you're agnostic.

according to ME, being agnostic is being an atheist without balls.
Guy#1: Hi I'm a christian spreading the word.
Guy#2: Hi, i'll listen to you because i'm agnostic and i don't have a supreme being to believe in yet.
by robofunk_betch! July 30, 2008
7 72
One who cannot make up their mind and just choose a religion

Often calls people who have chosen a faith (or to be athiest) as ignorant

Indecisive zealots
We know you're agnostic, now stop calling me a sheep
by Jack Volpe February 07, 2009
3 72
one who thinks he is atheist
"i'm agnostic i do not believe in a god"
by gahhhhhhhh January 29, 2009
3 75
A person who doesnt really belive in divinity but uses agnosticism as a means of insurance so she/he wont go to hell if it does exsist.
Danny Durko was an agnostic
by Wyatt Schrepel March 27, 2007
9 107
Atheists without balls.
"Agnostics are just atheists without balls" - Stephen T. Colbert
by MareBear November 12, 2007
17 121
A person who thinks there is a higher being (such as god), but knows there is no way to prove it exists, or doesn't exist. Most of the people who are agnostic don't really care enough to fully believe in a higher being. It isn't uncommen to see an agnostic going to any form of church, and supporting conservative Christian canidates.
Agnostic: "Meh.. Sure I believe in a god of some form, but I don't know which religion has the right god.. "
by krucifier November 02, 2005
15 123
One who is certain of nothing except the falsity of the Christian faith.
Agnostics are some of the most open-minded people out there.
by David Mitchell April 28, 2005
48 230