Someone who believes that knowledge is not possible for themselves, some to different extents. They may believe that knowledge is possible, but paradoxically, it's impossible for them to know. While one will confine this to the metaphysical, most famously, regarding the existence of God, others will believe that they can know nothing at all, as not even their senses can be trusted.

Agnostics are often well-educated, and even more often do they see themselves as such. An agnostic, by virtue of their belief, typically sees themself as a very skeptical and critical person, and indeed, they usually are. They are often more intelligent on average than those who believe they know things, or at least, so the stereotype goes. Because of this, they often develop a sense of superiority, by which they can logically and rationally transcend the arguments of less-intelligent theists, who tend to be the most vocal ones.

An agnostic esteems above all else the scientific method. It is the infallible absolute of the agnostic. Everything must be empirically demonstrable to an agnostic, or it cannot be known to exist. A typical argument an atheist would use against a theist would be: "Since you cannot prove the existence of your God, how do you know that he exists?"

An agnostic attempts to apply empiricism to absolutely every aspect of reality. A thing does not exist unless it can be "scientifically proven". A modern understanding of science is the typical rhetoric of the agnostic.
Theist: "Do you believe in God?"

Agnostic: "I do not, because it is impossible to prove the existence of God. In fact, I do not believe it is possible to prove the existence of anything, as everything we've known is a product or our subjective consciousness."

Theist: "Are you sure?"

Agnostic: "Yes, I am 100% sure."


Agnostic: "If a thing cannot be proven scientifically, there is no way to know that it exists"

Philosopher dude: "But you are assuming the existence of knowledge, which in itself is a totally abstract concept that is entirely unprovable by those means. If you are to apply the scientific method to every facet of knowledge, with our current understanding of perception and cognition, it would be impossible to trust your own senses, and everything would be unprovable, and hence, you could know nothing at all, including the validity of the scientific method."

Agnostic: "Any ideas of yours cannot be empirically proven, so I need not listen to you."

Philosopher dude: *facepalm.
by Philosopher dude December 27, 2010
What atheists want to be when they grow up.
Agnostic: I'm agnostic.
Atheist: Oh yeah, me too! Religion is stupid, I hate Christians they're all a bunch of bible-thumping retards who don't accept my OPEN-MINDEDNESS. Fuck God!
Agnostic: Yeah um I have somewhere to be kthxbi.
by wellwtf April 13, 2009
An atheist who is striving to project modesty and humbleness in his lack of belief in supernatural. S/he irrationally accepts the stereotype that atheist identity radiates arrogance and deluded in his/her opinion that atheists do not fathom philosophical implications of undefined god.
Tyson says, "I'm an agnostic and not an arrogant atheist".
by charvaka March 22, 2011
The same thing as an atheist, but both hate each other because they think that the other is intellectually dishonest.
Do you believe in god?
Agnostic: I don't know... I don't believe the bible is literal. The people who wrote it made some glaring mistakes and got some pretty simple facts wrong, but there's still a chance they got the god thing right.

Atheist: No... there is no god. Religion was obviously a means to control flocks of stupid people, then Christians invented attrition, so now people who believed in religion were smart because they didn't get their necks slashed for not believing in god.
by joseffritzel January 17, 2012
a person/s who aren't so worried all the time by being punished by 'god', they live life on other religions cultures and strictures without their rules. basically freedom.
i've never used the word agnostic in conversation before.
by Angel February 16, 2004
Self Honesty
To "treat others as one would have themselves treated" is an easy concept even for a child to come up with all on there oun ... when not clouded with religion and Faith.

To say " Blind Faith " is redundant

Have faith in your Wife , not origin.
by Graham Riggle January 20, 2004
People who do not want to commit to a religion or atheism, but realise religion is for idiots and pedophiles.

So they become pussy atheists.
"I've decided I'm agnostic because I don't want to believe my relatives fucked chimpanzee's"
by DikinBalz September 14, 2014
A person who doesn’t deny the existence of dragons, but also can't prove the existence of these magical beings.
Jim: don't dragons just scare you?

Jillthe agnostic: dragons don't exist.
Jim: yes they do.
Jill: prove it.
Jim: well, you prove that they don't exist
Jill: I can't ):
by a Dragon December 29, 2009

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