Someone who does not think there is enough evidence to prove or disprove God's existence. It's a valid viewpoint.

Some people say agnostics can't make up their mind or do their research on what to believe. I did my research on different religions and philosphical beliefs, and I made up my mind. And now I'm an agnostic. Deal with it.

Oh, and agnosticism isn't weak atheism. Atheism is believing that there is no God. You can be an agnostic athiest - one who doesn't believe in God. You can an agnostic deist - one who believes in a higher power. What you believe is different from what you know.
An agnostic is someone who does not think there is enough evidence to prove or disprove God's existence.
by The-Ventriloquist July 22, 2010
A person who believes that it can't be proven whether or not a deity exists. Really the best way to live since you don't have to deal with the arrogance that is both ends of the spectrum.
Christian (to Agnostic): Hey, do you believe in God?

Agnostic: Not exactly, since there is no actual proof that God really does exist.

Christian: You should believe in God, otherwise you will go to hell where you will burn forever.

Atheist (to Christian): Of course he's not going to hell, because hell doesn't exist just like God doesn't exist.

Christian: Of course God exists, you stupid Atheist! You'll burn in hell for saying he doesn't exist!

Atheist: No, he doesn't exist. Open your eyes, you ignorant brainwashed Christian sheep.

Christian: Shut up you liberal dumbass Atheist faggot!

Agnostic: I really wish I wasn't on this planet right now.
by dumbperson132 September 20, 2013
One who chooses doubt or uncertainty as a philosophy of life.
He is an agnostic. He'll never be sure about religion or irreligion.
by one who wants to find morals November 03, 2012
One who subscribes to doubt in regards to deities.
The agnostic concluded that their was no way to tell if God or gods existed, thefore he stopped trying to find out.
by Chenlambec September 12, 2009
Agnosticism, contrary to popular definitions, is not a belief. on the belief system you have theism and atheism. Agnosticism is in the knowledge system with gnosticism. Now you can combine these two. Agnosticism means without knowledge, and gnosticism is with knowledge. So you can be an agnostic atheist, an agnostic theist, a gnostic atheist, and a gnostic theist. You can't be just a plain old agnostic.
"I'm an agnostic"
"Agnostic what? agnostic christian, agnostic atheist, agnostic muslim, or what? Please tell."
by thegreatagnosticdefiner June 01, 2009
n. One who neither acknowledges nor refutes the existence of God
The Agnostic didn't worry about the afterlife, only that which he was living
by Griffin January 17, 2004
It's Greek, and it literally means "without knowledge." (a=without, gnossos=knowledge). An antipathy towards religion and/or the existence of God.
More and more young people in the West are considering themselves agnostic.
by Kijsjaan08 October 12, 2008
People who do not want to commit to a religion or atheism, but realise religion is for idiots and pedophiles.

So they become pussy atheists.
"I've decided I'm agnostic because I don't want to believe my relatives fucked chimpanzee's"
by DikinBalz September 14, 2014

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