Definition One:
An "Aggy BoBo" can mean someone that loves Muse, Finding Nemo and Hello Kitty, a lot.

Defintion Two:
"Aggy BoBo" or just "BoBo" as it's more commenly used can also be used to describe someone that has anal too often, and are obsessed by it. A "BoBo" is someone that is so obsessed with anal, they actually come in their pants when the word is mentioned... leaving them in a *sticky situation*.
E.g. I BoBo'd again last night.
Top Definition
A "aggy bobo" a person well experienced in anal though in denile about it
he is such an aggy
by anonymous May 27, 2004
Lmao whats that? You got my spelling of bananna wrong .. AGAIN?
Disgraceful ..
by Alex May 27, 2004
Aggy BoBo can be used to describe someone with spelling difficulties.
E.g. Spelling Banana... Bannana.
by Phlegm Girl May 26, 2004

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