Noun:To Be Annoying, Frustrating, Or Aggravating.
She is always gettin' on somebody's nerves! She is so aggy!
by YoungChief The Meff a Dondotta September 06, 2007
when a gay and a lesbian have sex and produce a mutated ginger racoon.
-god that clare is an aggy
-actualy she is a ginger tampon
by heatherrr h September 22, 2007
When something is aggy, it is old and weary. Rather funny when used in conjunction with somebody's clothes. Opposite of shiney ( when shiney means cool and new ). Originated in Liverpool, Merseyside in 2005.
"Eeee your keks are aggy"
"State of that old whore, shes proper aggy"
by xrockmysocksx September 07, 2005

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