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A "aggy bobo" a person well experienced in anal though in denile about it
he is such an aggy
by anonymous May 27, 2004
10 6
Lmao whats that? You got my spelling of bananna wrong .. AGAIN?
Disgraceful ..
by Alex May 27, 2004
4 3
Aggy BoBo can be used to describe someone with spelling difficulties.
E.g. Spelling Banana... Bannana.
by Phlegm Girl May 26, 2004
6 5
Definition One:
An "Aggy BoBo" can mean someone that loves Muse, Finding Nemo and Hello Kitty, a lot.

Defintion Two:
"Aggy BoBo" or just "BoBo" as it's more commenly used can also be used to describe someone that has anal too often, and are obsessed by it. A "BoBo" is someone that is so obsessed with anal, they actually come in their pants when the word is mentioned... leaving them in a *sticky situation*.
E.g. I BoBo'd again last night.
3 8